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January 2022

  • Year 9 Trip to The National Gallery

    Published 28/01/22

    A group of 26 Year 9 Language students were taken to The National Gallery as a reward for outstanding work on the French Impressionists.

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  • Performing Arts at its Best!

    Published 21/01/22

    On Tuesday 11th January, over 100 lucky students from Rosedale, Hewens and Parkside Studio College were fortunate enough to be treated to an exceptional performance from the Uxbridge College Level 3 BTEC Performing Arts students. As part of an ongoing collaboration, the performers transformed the Rosedale College hall, for one night only, into a ‘Traverse Theatre’ for a truly spellbinding performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. This production was a masterclass in directing, acting and theatrical techniques. All students watched in awe, as they saw young people take to the stage and bring true characters to life! The students thoroughly enjoyed the event, and have said how it has given them inspiration to become whatever they aspire to be. Thank you to all the students from Uxbridge College for a truly encouraging performance.

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  • Into Space

    Published 14/01/22

    Rosedale College Year 11 separate Science group students took an awe-inspiring journey through space and discovered the home of Space Science on Friday 10th December at the National Space Centre. Students found out all about the history and future of space exploration, the planets and the farthest reaches of the universe. This educational visit helped to cover the specification point on Space Physics, which also includes, the solar system, stability of orbital motions, satellites and red shift. Students discovered that within our solar system, there is one star, the sun, plus the eight planets and the dwarf planets that orbit around the sun. Students took part in a workshop which demonstrated that our solar system is a small part of the milky way galaxy. They were also given the opportunity to perform a reconnoitre of the centre and learnt that the sun was formed from a cloud of dust and gas pulled together by gravitational attraction. Part of the day’s activity included a lecture theatre where our students watched the life cycle of a star. They also acknowledged that gravity provides the force that allows planets and satellites to maintain their circular orbits. With six interactive galleries on show, our students moved on to view the iconic 42 metre high rocket tower. Finally, they explored space with astronomers and unravelled the mysteries of the cosmos. The comfort of another Science lesson on a VIP style recliner sofa. The trip was an out of this world experience for all our students, who fully enjoyed every second!

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  • Year 7 Rugby Success

    Published 07/01/22

    The Year 7 boys played in the Middlesex Under 12 Rugby Festival on Friday 3rd December, finishing as runners-up in the competition. The tournament consisted of thirty two schools with ninety matches played and over three hundred boys taking part. 

    The boys played Twyford School in the first round of matches and won 3-1. They then played St James School wining again, scoring 3 tries to 1. Sadly, the boys lost their final game of the pool stages 2-1 to Greycourt School, however still managed to top their pool, proceeding into the afternoon groups. The boys played Vyners first, winning the game by scoring 3 tries to 1. The next game was against Haydon, where they amazingly won again 1-0, meaning it was now all in to play for in the final match against Ealing. The winners of this final game would take home the gold medals! The boys anxiously waited for the game to start, tired from the efforts that had already been stretched out over the course of the day. Despite playing really well, the boys missed one tackle that lost them the match by a devastating 1-0 result.

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January 2022