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  • The French Spelling Bee Final

    Published 24/01/23

    This term all our Year 7 students in French have been pre- paring enthusiastically for their class French spelling bee competition. All our students needed to learn 50 words and more importantly spell and pronounce them from memory using the French alphabet.

    The competition was fierce and the students selected for the semi-finals were all keen and competent linguists.

    We are pleased to announce that the winner of the French spelling bee this half term was Ahsab Huthaiba in 7M. He was able to spell from memory 19 words in one minute.

    We also need to congratulate for following students, Arshia Anjum 7L, Avleen Hothi 7M, Amreen Kohar 7L, and Kayden Bryan 7L who followed closely behind with 18-14 words spelt in one minute. We very much look forward to witnessing the next final at the end of the Spring term.

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  • Diversity Org Visit

    Published 16/01/23

    On Friday 13th January, Diversity Org came to Rosedale College to speak to our students about their future career options. Diversity Org is a global non-profit organisation with the aim and purpose of providing networking opportunities for students who may be disenfranchised in their prospects, giving them access to information about corporate, high-income careers. Diversity Org act as a mediator between minority underrepresented students and multi-billion-dollar companies in 3 distinct ways:

    1 - Assemblies - to teach how to obtain high-income jobs and fulfilling careers.

    2 - Workshops - to teach students social and professional development.

    3 - Apprenticeships - to connect students with corporate partners as interns, apprentices, and entry-level employees.

    The Diversity Org are currently in partnership with the following companies:

    • Warner Media (HBO, CNN, Cartoon Network, DC Comics)

    • Versace

    • Michael Kors

    • Jimmy Choo

    • JPMorgan Chase (Chase Bank)

    • Verizon

    • Blackstone

    • Viacom (MTV, BET, VH1, Paramount Pictures)

    • Peloton and more

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  • FREE Asthma Workshops

    Published 09/01/23

    MyHealth are running FREE Asthma workshops for parents who have children with Asthma. These sessions are run by the Hillingdon Hospital asthma nurses giving you the chance to learn from health professionals and to ask them questions directly.  Some of the content included in these sessions is asthma attacks, asthma triggers, in techniques and asthma action plans.

    The workshops are run online via ZOOM from 4:00pm to 5:00pm and you can register your FREE place here:

    They are taking place on January 16th, February 6th and March 6th.

    You can also contact the MyHealth team on tel: 01895 543 437 or  

    Asthma Workshop multiple dates (PDF) 

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  • POST 16 Trip Residential to Berlin, Germany

    Published 09/01/23

    From 5th to 8th December 2022, 27 Post 16 students embarked on a residential trip to Berlin. The purpose of the trip, linked to A Level Psychology, was to expand and broaden the students’ learning through visiting historical locations, guided tours, museums and places of interest within the city of Berlin. Students explored the conflict between obedience to authority and personal conscience, the history of authoritarian states and the persecution faced by minority groups as well as conformity influence and why people may follow dictators.

    Day 1 required an early start as the group all met at Rosedale College for a 2:00am departure. Upon arrival in Berlin the group headed straight for the historic government building, the Reichstag. The group then walked to the Brandenburg Gate, the memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe before finishing the day at the Hard Rock Café.

    Day 2 started with a guided tour of Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum, a Nazi concentration camp just outside of Berlin used from 1936 until April 1945. After Sachsenhausen the group then travelled to the Berlin Olympiastadion for another guided tour. The Olympiastadion was the home of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the 2006 World Cup Final and the 2015 Champions League Final. The final destination of the day was the House of Wannsee Conference, the lakeside villa where top Nazi officials planned ‘The Final Solution’.

    The first stop on day 3 was the DDR museum, an interactive museum detailing life in the Soviet East German ‘Deutsche Demokratische Republik’. After the DDR museum the group proceeded to travel to the Mall of Berlin for a visit to its extensive food court for lunch, with food ranging from Vietnamese to vegan, followed by a guided tour of the ‘Palace of Tears’. The ‘Palace of Tears’ was a former border crossing point between East and West Berlin, with its name deriving from the tearful partings that took place in front of the building between western visitors and East German residents who were not permitted to travel to West Berlin. The group then visited the Berlin Wall Memorial before heading deep into the ‘Gesundbrunnen’ underground railway station, a subterranean labyrinth used as a civilian bomb shelter during the Allied bombing raids of Berlin. This was to be the group’s final stop on the tour before heading home the next day. Overall the experience was incredibly positive with the students expanding their knowledge of their current subjects whilst also getting the chance to travel to another country.

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  • Winter Festival Night

    Published 16/12/22

    Last Thursday on December 8th we were treated to some talented and hard-working music students who serenaded the TRHAT community.

    We firstly had Poppy, Raphael, Ariyana, Sahil, Josias, Avneet, Harun, Emanuela and Valentin, a charming chorus of Year 7 students, singing in French to start the night. We then had Taegan, Navpreet and Munera mesmerising the audience on piano and then Tawana enchanting the audience on violin. Then, Rosedale rockstars Mehmood on the drums, Scott

    on guitar and then Mahbod on electric guitar rocked out on stage. Simar also lulled the audience into contemplation with her captivating guitar solo. This was followed by Year 9 music students Evelyn on piano, Kysha on piano/guitar, Mahan on drums and Nevayah on solo guitar playing Christmas carols, much the audience’s delight.

    Following this were the ethereal voices of Anya, Klaudija and Riti singing respective solos followed by the angelic choir comprising the melodious voices of Mehmood, Nina, Tawana, Melody, Anya, Dhwani, Isabella and Elaine. As an extra treat, Ms. Mancas sang some solos for the audience.

    The audience were wonderful and, in apt -3 °C weather, the 2022 Winter Festival was a resounding success. Thanks for your continued support for the Performing Arts alliance!

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  • Online Winter Wellness Directory

    Published 14/12/22

    Hillingdon have published their Winter Wellness Directory. The directory includes:

    • Government Scheme
    • Council Help
    • Debt and budgeting advice
    • Household bills and appliances
    • Self-care and Mental Health support.
    • Local support groups
    • Local food banks

    Download the Online Winter Wellness Directory below: 

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  • Holiday Activity & Food (HAF) Programme

    Published 08/12/22

    There are still places available for families to book their children onto the Holiday Activity & Food (HAF) Winter programme organized by the Local Authority. Their holiday programme is open to school-aged children from reception to year 11 (inclusive) who receive benefits-related free school meals

    Through their programme of free healthy food and fun activities, children and young people can develop new skills, take part in creative and physical activities, learn about food and cooking, and enjoy a nutritious meal each day. 

    Activities this winter include: 

    • Learn to ride a bike or develop your cycling skills 
    • Football, Cricket, Basketball and multi-sports 
    • Parent and child cookery sessions 
    • Dance, drama and arts programmes 
    • Multi-activity camps 
    • SEND activity camp 

    View their webpage December HAF programme - Hillingdon Council where you can find out more about HAF, check out the winter programme offer and find booking information.

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  • Sixth Form/ Post 16 Options Evening

    Published 02/12/22

    On Wednesday 30th November we held our Post 16 Options Evening, we had a lovely evening showcasing what we have on offer at Rosedale College for future Post 16 students. Students that could not make the evening please come to reception and pick up your booklet.

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  • Ready, Steady, Spell!

    Published 25/11/22

    This half term our Year 7 students are eagerly practising for the French Spelling Bee. All Year 7 students learn a set of words in French and then need to spell them accurately in French against the clock.

    The first round consists of our form competitions where students compete against their class peers, the top spellers in that round then face the semi-final. The semi-final and final will take place on Wednesday 14th December so look out for our top French spellers soon. Good Luck Everyone!

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  • Extra-Curricular Activity

    Published 18/11/22

    Here at Rosedale College we offer a broad range of extra curricular activities. These activities span sports, technology, ICT, music and art, maths, science, humanities and languages. Extra-curricular activities are widely considered valuable life experiences that are open to all students at Rosedale College. Students benefit greatly from participating in organised extra-curricular activities, they can develop positive tangible outcomes from these experiences of interacting and working with others which could benefit them in later life. Extra-curricular activities enables students to have a productive break from studies and homework, support and extend their learning in a range of subjects, improve their social skills and increase their physical fitness.

    The Technology and IT Alliance offers three extra-curricular clubs, IT Club, Food Club and Technology Club. All three are very popular with the students who greatly enjoy the activities on offer. In IT students can utilise their time to engage in fun activities, catch-up on homework, extend their class studies or experience virtual reality by using the VR headsets.

    In Food Technology students extend their previous studies in Food Technology, through the production of a range of healthy food products. Technology Club allows pupils to pursue their interest in Design and Technology and hone their practical skills using our fully equipped workshops or CAD/CAM equipment. Students access a range of advanced equipment, such as the laser cutter and vinyl cutter to produce products using a range of different engineering skills. At present students are currently making the circuit for their own Rear Bike light designs which involves a range of skills including soldering the components to the circuit board.

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  • Sixth Form/ Post 16 Open Evening

    Published 11/11/22

    The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust is excited to announce its Post 16 Open Evening to support all local young people in choosing the best possible pathway for success, as they work towards graduating from their secondary education. The evening will aim to guide parents, guardians, carers and prospective students through The Trust’s Post 16 offer, where they will be taken on a journey through the four colleges within The Trust and guided through the different curriculum areas, demonstrating what Post 16 teaching and learning looks like, as it is a step up from GCSE. From the wide variety of subject areas on offer, students and their families will be able to gauge the examination boards used, the modules covered in both Year 12 and 13, and will receive a comprehensive overview of what the course demands from its students. 

    The event promises to be informative and enlightening for all. From the career-focused courses offered at The Trust to our extensive enrichment opportunities, students and their families are invited to join us on Wednesday 30th November at 5:30pm to 7:45pm at Rosedale College to find out just what makes Post 16 at The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust an offer that cannot be missed! The Director’s Speeches will take place at 6:00pm and 7:00pm.

    In order to keep the crowds to a minimum, we would appreciate if we could limit the guests to one adult per prospective student. In the meantime, please feel free to explore our Post 16 provision at 

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  • The National Gallery Trip

    Published 11/11/22

    On Friday 4th November a group of 27 Year 9 students were taken to the National Gallery as a reward for outstanding work on the French Impressionists. The students had produced PowerPoints, posters and even paintings about the lives and works of the artists so that they would appreciate the masterpieces all the more when they saw them. The journey there took the students through Trafalgar Square where they saw Nelson’s Column and the sights of performers, musicians and street artists.

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