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Year 7 Transition Information

Welcome Year 7! It is with great pleasure I am welcoming you to Rosedale College; your home away from home, for the next 5 to 7 years. You will join us as children, but leave us as successful young adults; this journey to adulthood we will undertake together. The College prides itself on its inclusive ethos thus we will endeavour to ensure that you will feel comfortable within days of starting your Secondary school journey with us.

Ofsted has stated ‘Leaders have high expectations of what pupils can achieve, and pupils work hard to meet these expectations. Staff are committed to helping all pupils reach their potential. Pupils are well supported both in and out of the classroom because there are strong relationships between staff and pupils.’

Rosedale college students attain exceptional results in all GCSE subjects with us exceeding or matching national averages. Our Progress 8 and Attainment 8 results will reflect we regularly outperform most schools in the Borough which is why we have received the SSAT Educational Outcomes awards for finishing in the top 10% of schools nationally in both categories. We are also a very diverse and inclusive College with students and staff coming from all around the world. As a result of our inclusive ethos we have been acknowledged as an IQM Flagship school, this means all pupils regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, achievements or background are provided with equal opportunities to succeed. Choosing us has already put you in an excellent position and may your successes continue each day you are with us.

Similarly, our sporting achievements are second to none. We have been Borough Champions in various sports while our athletes continue to be selected to compete at county level; our sporting accolades can be noted in the College newsletters on our website. Our boys’ and girls’ teams have both been very successful and we are eager to promote a balance between academia and extra-curricular to nurture the talents of all of our students.

The College is divided into 8 Alliances and each one comprises one Form class from each year group. This vertical approach in pastoral leadership has proven to be highly beneficial, because it not only builds camaraderie amongst the College as a whole, but also offers students role models they can aspire to. This unique approach has ensured staff and students bask in a cohesive and productive environment. You will be put into your Alliances as soon as you get allocated a Form class.

The first day of term for our new Year 7 students is Wednesday 4th September 2024 and we are very much looking forward to meeting you on your Induction Day in July. 

Year 7 Induction Day and Evening

Transition Day is on Tuesday 2nd July 2024 and students need to report to the Main Hall by 9:00am. On this day students will have the opportunity to visit Rosedale College and explore different aspects of life at the College. The purpose of the induction day is to help reduce any worries students may have. It provides them with the opportunity to make new friends with others in their year group, meet key staff and familiarise themselves with the College.

Transition Evening is on Tuesday 2nd July 2024 and we will present information in 3 sittings in the Main Hall. Time slots are allocated according to your child’s Alliance. The purpose is to provide students and their parents with important information about starting at our College. Parents are invited to attend a talk by the Principal and meet the Directors for each Alliance. There will also be information available about support, enrichment opportunities on offer from September and an opportunity to purchase uniform.

Please sign in at reception by 4:45pm where you will be guided on where to go.

Session Location 5:00pm to 5:30pm 5:30pm to 6:00pm 6:00pm to 6:30pm

Welcome to Rosedale

Main Hall

H Alliance

A Alliance

L Alliance

E Alliance

T Alliance

M Alliance

S Alliance

P Alliance

Online Payment System (iPay)

IT Room

M Alliance

S Alliance

P Alliance

H Alliance

A Alliance

L Alliance

E Alliance

T Alliance
Uniform Order


E Alliance

T Alliance

M Alliance

S Alliance

P Alliance

H Alliance

A Alliance

L Alliance

You will have received:

  • Student Registration Form
  • A Free School Meals Form
  • An iPay information sheet and signing on details

Getting to know us

Getting to know us Link

What do I know about Rosedale?


Lesson Tasters

Lesson Taster Link

Science Alliance



English Alliance


Mathematics Alliance


Physical Education Alliance


Humanities Alliance


Performing Arts Alliance


French Alliance


Technology Alliance


Click to view: Personal Profile - My Year Ahead

Key Information


Student Registration Form

Free School Meals Application Form

College Uniform Orders

We have arranged for uniform to be sold online. You will need to register your details in order to proceed; this will allow you to make your selection, pay for your order online and then arrange for a convenient time for collection. We do encourage you to use the sizing and measurement guide that is available on the website. A hard copy of this guide has already been provided to the parents, guardians and carers of those students who will join us in Year 7 in September.

We can assure you that any exchanges will only be considered if all the tags and packaging are intact. We will also wait for 48 hours before returning the garments to the stockpile before someone else is able to purchase it; this is in line with the guidance that most retail outlets are following. We hope you find this new system of transaction helpful.

Click to view All You Need to Know About Uniform

Click to view Uniform Requirements

Click to view Sizing and Measuring Guide

Cashless Catering System

The College is now operating a cashless catering system - iPayimpact. In an attempt to eliminate cash payments, parents, guardians and carers are requested to pay for their child's school meals using our online payment system. This will provide you with a convenient, secure and verifiable way of making online payments for school meals as well as uniform and trips.

Students will need to be registered to be able to purchase items from the canteen. Once registration is complete, you will have access to your account statement and will be able to manage your payment history and automate online payments. Students will then be able to make payments by simply placing their finger on the reader, alternatively a passcode can be used on our keypad with recognition done through our biometric technology. The software will then automatically deduct the value of the items from the student's account. 

This is a simple and secure way for parents, guardians and carers to make trusted cashless payments and efficiently manage school purchases. If you have any queries or wish to discuss our new cashless payment system, please contact the College at


Setting up your iPayimpact account

Rosedale College uses a cashless online system for uniform orders and for other payments including school lunches. Please see below for how to set up your iPayimpact account (reference code can be found in the letter distributed on Monday 27th June)

  • Click on link:
  • Click on the “IPAYIMPACT” grey button on this page
  • Register on the site you are taken to (iPayimpact)
  • Click on the Register button
  • Child Account Ref - enter the reference provided for one of your children
  • Username – enter a username that you will remember. This will be asked for each time you log in to your account
  • Email – enter a valid email address
  • Confirm Email – Must be the same email address as entered in the previous box
  • Password – enter a password (Must be a minimum of 6 characters)
  • Confirm Password – Must be the same password as entered in the previous box
  • Maths Test – please insert your answer
  • Agree to Terms – Please tick this box. You can view the terms as required.

An email will be sent to your email account. ACTIVATE your account by clicking on the link provided in the email. This will ACTIVATE your account and allow you to Login using the credentials you entered during the registration process.

  • LOG IN to your account
  • Update your personal information and save
  • Link additional child/ren (if you have more than one child at this school or another Trust
  • school/college)
  • Go to Child Accounts on the menu – your first child will be displayed.
  • Click on the ‘Link a New Child Account‘ Button
  • Enter the Child Account Reference for your other child/ren as detailed in this letter or similar letter from another school
  • Click Find School and Account – choose the school from the list (if displayed)
  • Click the Link Account button


  • Go to the home page and add items you wish to pay for into the basket
  • Proceed to Checkout

You will be directed to the Capita payment gateway where you can enter your debit or credit card details securely.

You will receive an email receipt of your payment once it has been authorised.

If you should have any queries or questions on the above, please do not hesitate to contact:

The College: Rosedale College

Name: Nicola Sullivan

Telephone: 020 8573 2097

Trust Finance Team: 020 8573 1039

It's a Jungle Out There - Stay Safe on the Roads!

For some, the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 can be a daunting prospect. With the uncertainty of what to expect at your new school, who your peers will be, and preparing yourself with the new route to and from school, this can result in a myriad of feelings from excitement, apprehension to anxiety. To ease the transition process, Hillingdon Council has teamed up with London Road Safety Council to run a campaign to support Year 6 pupils in making a safe start at secondary school in September. Please click on the links below for further information about road safety, how to devise a safe route to and from school, and how children should behave on the roadside in order to undertake this in the safest way possible.

Road Safety Guide for Year 6 Pupils

Road Safety Film Clip