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Into Space

Rosedale College Year 11 separate Science group students took an awe-inspiring journey through space and discovered the home of Space Science on Friday 10th December at the National Space Centre. Students found out all about the history and future of space exploration, the planets and the farthest reaches of the universe. This educational visit helped to cover the specification point on Space Physics, which also includes, the solar system, stability of orbital motions, satellites and red shift. Students discovered that within our solar system, there is one star, the sun, plus the eight planets and the dwarf planets that orbit around the sun. Students took part in a workshop which demonstrated that our solar system is a small part of the milky way galaxy. They were also given the opportunity to perform a reconnoitre of the centre and learnt that the sun was formed from a cloud of dust and gas pulled together by gravitational attraction. Part of the day’s activity included a lecture theatre where our students watched the life cycle of a star. They also acknowledged that gravity provides the force that allows planets and satellites to maintain their circular orbits. With six interactive galleries on show, our students moved on to view the iconic 42 metre high rocket tower. Finally, they explored space with astronomers and unravelled the mysteries of the cosmos. The comfort of another Science lesson on a VIP style recliner sofa. The trip was an out of this world experience for all our students, who fully enjoyed every second!