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    Published 09/01/24

    Helping you live well this winter

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  • Brilliant Parents Newsletter - Children's Mental Health Week 5th February - 11th February 2024

    Published 09/02/24

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  • Are you a Carer?

    Published 05/02/24

    Are you a Carer?

    Hillingdon have released the attached guide to provide carers with more information on the support available from the Local Authority.

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  • Post 16 Wellbeing Trip

    Published 02/02/24

    On Monday 18th December 2023, 90 of our current Post 16 students from both Years 12 and 13 engaged in Wellbeing Day, which aimed to both encourage and boost the physical, mental and social health of our cohort of students at the end of their autumn term. This involved the physical activities of indoor ice-skating and bowling at Queen’s London Skate, Dine, Bowl. The morning activities of ice-skating and bowling appeared to be a wholesome experience as it afforded the students with exposure to and experience in alternate forms of physical exercise and leisure activity. All students enthusiastically and proactively took part in both activities despite a majority of the cohort being new and inexperienced.

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  • Year 8 STEM Workshop

    Published 26/01/24

    On Tuesday 19th December, our Year 8 were the lucky beneficiaries of an active STEM workshop provided by “Spark”, a charitable organisation that aims to develop young people’s employability skills and knowledge so that they are better prepared for and able to effectively transition into the workplace. Students considered different roles and the employability skills required at Heathrow Airport and then engaged in a fun activity where they had to programme a robotic vehicle to follow a particular path and perform certain routines. Students were divided into groups where they had to perform a particular role, including project manager, project designer and programmer. They also had to work together to try and ensure the product was effective, well designed and performed all the tasks required of it.

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  • New Online Parent, Guardian or Carer Drop-In Support Group

    Published 22/01/24

    The Centre for ADHD & Autism Support are delighted to be offering a new NWL parent/carer drop-in support group, held on Zoom on Wednesday evenings and Monday mornings for those whose children/young people are or are suspected to be ADHD/autistic.

    Online Parents Drop-In Poster (PDF) [2MB]

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  • Year 11 Geography Field Trip - Olympic Park

    Published 19/01/24

    On Monday 15th January, our Year 11 Geography students went on their urban area fieldwork as per the Edexcel GCSE curriculum. The students, accompanied by their teachers, travelled via TFL to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. During the field trip, the students were required to compare two parts of Stratford. They looked at a deprived area in Carpenter’s Estate and a regenerated area in New Village. Despite the cold weather, our students were able to collect the necessary data for their examinations. They compared the environmental quality, the crime index and interviewed people about the local area. While walking through the streets, students soaked up the culture of the city. They encountered many unique shops, restaurants, and cafes that were specific to the area.

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    Published 01/12/23

    50 students had the amazing opportunity to tour Wembley Stadium and engage in ‘Who is the fittest?’ workshop. The students had a great day getting to see behind the scenes of Wembley, experiencing what many of their favourite players do on a match day. Students were able to see the players shirts, walk down the tunnel and sit in the Royal seating area. Students looked at the different fitness test which put them through their paces. Each student represented the College in an exemplary way. Congratulations to Christopher D who won the ‘Who is the fittest?’ competition!

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  • Brand Licensing Europe 2023 - Post 16

    Published 27/11/23

    30 of our current Post-16 Business A-level and Business BTEC students had the opportunity to participate in Brand Licensing Europe 2023. Brand Licensing Europe 2023, was a convention dedicated to licens- ing and brand extension for three days from the 24th to 26th Septem- ber between retailers, licensees and manufacturers. However, due to the College’s partnership with Diversity Org, our Business students were able to interact with these companies through our connection with License Global (Informa Markets) on Friday 6th October. This interaction involved Diversity Org’s custom-made workshops:

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  • World Mental Health Day

    Published 13/10/23

    To mark World Mental Health Day on Tuesday 10th October, Rosedale College welcomed Theatre for Life - a Theatre in Education Company from Southampton who brought to our stage the production of Silent Mind, which explores Mental Health issues and gives ideas for coping strategies. Watching the play was a positive and inclusive experience for our young people, as an interactive piece of theatre it actively involved students in wellbeing and mindfulness techniques to help promote personal growth and wellbeing. This is an authentic piece of theatre based on real life experiences of mental health, carefully communicating various issues impacting young people today. The audiences actively participate in therapeutic drama based activities within the play and workshop to personal growth and wellbeing. Also, a week of assemblies were held on Mental Health Matters. Students were informed about how to seek help if needed and were reminded of the counselling and mentoring services they can access at here at college, as well as the lunchtime talking therapy we provide. At Rosedale we care about Mental Health Wellbeing for all students and staff.

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  • National Poetry Day

    Published 09/10/23

    National Poetry Day is an annual UK-wide celebration of poetry. This year’s celebration took place on Thursday 5th October 2023. During the day, students at Rosedale College got to hear from their form tutors and teachers who shared with them stories and readings of their favourite poems. Year 7s got to take part in a competition in which they had to find out as many staff members’ favourite poems as possible, and an interesting fact or two about the writer or the poem itself. There was also an inter-Alliance Poetry quiz for our new Year 7 tutor groups. Of course, our students also got a change to write their own poems too, with students getting the opportunity to create personal haiku poems about themselves in tutor times, and haiku poems to present new learning in their various lessons. Congratulations to Sachdeep in 7T who won the English Alliance Chaucer Challenge as part of the Year 6 to 7 transition.

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  • Welcome Back

    Published 02/10/23

    On Tuesday 19th September, Rosedale College had its annual Open Evening for prospective Year 6 students. The evening was well attended and families had the opportunity to explore all the different areas within the College. Some of the activities on display included building volcanoes in Humanities, taking part in Science experiments and tasting the delicious food the students prepared during the day in Food Technology. Parents, guardians and carers also had the opportunity to attend the Principal’s speech in order to gain a better understanding of how the College operates and what it means to become part of the Rosedale community.

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