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Year 8 Options Day Success

Year 8 Options Day and Evening at The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust

On Tuesday 22nd February, The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust held its annual Year 8 Options Day and Evening.

As Year 8 students complete Key Stage 3 and prepare to make decisions about their Key Stage 4 education, Rosedale College established a programme to help students look closer at possible courses and pathways they may wish to follow.

The day kicked off at form time with some team building exercises, and a series of special assemblies to help students consider suitable option choices. The rest of the day, students capitalised on sessions about jobs and industry sectors, how to choose options, and visits by representatives of the Education Development Trust.  They had the opportunity to ask questions so they could be well equipped to make the right choices for themselves.

Students also had the chance to visit De Salis Studio College and Parkside Studio College, so they could explore the courses that were available to them at our sister colleges within the Trust.  

The day concluded with an information evening for parents, guardians and carers which was very well attended.  Families were informed of the range of courses that were available across the Trust, how students could apply for the courses they were mostly interested in, as well as the different paths that their child could follow. They were also encouraged to talk to subject teachers who were on hand with various details about the curriculum and courses on offer.  

All students left with a prospectus, which included all the details collated from the day, so they could peruse the information again before decisions were made.  The day and evening were a great success, and students appeared encouraged and excited about the futures ahead of them.