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Year 11 Leavers Assembly

Rosedale College’s Key Stage 4 cohort of 2022 celebrate their last official day!

On Friday 17th June, Rosedale College’s Key Stage 4C cohort of 2022 celebrated their last official day, and what a day it was! Their final Achievement Assembly really demonstrated the team spirit of this cohort.

Achievements across E, A, L, H, M, S, P and T were celebrated with equal vigour and fervour; the cheers echoed throughout the hall and the claps were resounding for each and every nominee and winner. Our footballers, our scientists, our writers and linguists, our engineers, all were given rounds and rounds of applauses.

It is truly a humbling experience to see our young people champion each other. The difficulties they have experienced together have bonded them and it shows. The cohort were only 14 years old when they experienced educational disruption like no other. Fast forward to today, and they are the first cohort to sit their GCSE examinations, post-pandemic. The College has been extremely proud of the students’ resilience and their determination to succeed.