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The National Gallery

Year 10 students visit the National Gallery

On Friday 6th May, a group of Year 10 students were taken to the National Gallery as a reward for outstanding work on the French Impressionists. The students had produced PowerPoints, posters and even paintings about the lives and works of the artists so that they would appreciate the masterpieces all the more when they saw them.

Once in the gallery, the students were not only shown the work of the Impressionists, but along the way, they admired the works of such names as Stubbs, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Botticelli and Turner. They were amazed at the age of some of the pieces, dating back over 500 years in some cases.

When they finally arrived in the room with the Impressionists’ works, they were delighted to see the actual paintings which they had written about. Their behaviour, as always, was impeccable and there was a hushed awe as they admired the paintings that the gallery had to offer.