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The Battle of Hastings Trip

The Humanities Alliance embark on an excursion to The Battle Abbey, Hastings

The Humanities Alliance successfully planned and executed an excursion to The Battle Abbey, Hastings, on Wednesday 15th and Wednesday 22nd June, respectively. The trip was geared towards the Year 11 GCSE History students and linked to the History Edexcel curriculum, Anglo-Saxon and the Norman Conquest, 1060-1066.

The students experienced an expert-led GCSE tour of the 1066 battlefield, which gave students a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Battle of Hastings. Students had an interactive walking tour of the site, covering the causes of the Norman invasion, viewing and interacting with military equipment, learning the tactics and technology used, and how the Normans established and maintained control following their victory. Students were able to consider the strengths and weaknesses of both armies and conclude why William won.  It was a memorable experience, one in which will be applied to their overall learning.