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NSPCC Number Day

Rosedale College celebrates Mathematics while raising money to support the children’s charity NSPCC

Yet another year, Rosedale College chose to take part in NSPCC’s Number Day that was celebrated on Friday 4th February.  This is a great day to celebrate Mathematics while raising money to support the children’s charity NSPCC.

The profile of Mathematics was raised for the day as the whole college was involved in fun number activities during their Mathematics lessons.  Various number activities were showcased throughout the day, where the number hunt was a hit with both students and staff alike!  Our students had the task of recognising different types of numbers and attempting to find answers for the questions given by spotting the teachers who displayed the right answers to their questions. It was great for teamwork and the enthusiasm from the students during the break time was astonishing, with students flocking to teachers looking for number labels – it was a brilliant sight to watch.

Teachers from all Alliances were very much involved in the day, and it was a great success with Rosedale College raising a total of £266.50 for the NSPCC.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all students who participated in the event, and for the very generous contributions that were received.