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June 2024

  • School Book Fair

    Published 21/06/24

    Rosedale College recently hosted its first, much-anticipated Scholastic Book Fair, transforming the library into a vibrant hub of literary excitement. Students and teachers were immersed in a world of books, celebrating the joy of reading and the adventure that comes with each page turned, as all Key Stage 3 students got to visit at least twice during their English lessons. The fair featured a wide array of books catering to all ages and interests. From graphic novels to thrilling teen-fiction novels and some of the classics from the literary canon, there was something for everyone. The selection also included educational resources, engaging non-fiction titles, and popular series that kept readers coming back for more. The Book Fair wasn’t just about selling books; it was about creating a community of readers. Proceeds from the fair go towards purchasing new books for the school library, ensuring that our students continue to have access to diverse and exciting reading materials. A big thank you to the English Alliance and Mrs Theepan in making this event a success. The Scholastic Book Fair will be back in the autumn, hopefully inspiring a love of reading in our students that will last a lifetime.

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June 2024