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Year 11 Geography Field Trip - Olympic Park

On Monday 15th January, our Year 11 Geography students went on their urban area fieldwork as per the Edexcel GCSE curriculum. The students, accompanied by their teachers, travelled via TFL to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. During the field trip, the students were required to compare two parts of Stratford. They looked at a deprived area in Carpenter’s Estate and a regenerated area in New Village. Despite the cold weather, our students were able to collect the necessary data for their examinations. They compared the environmental quality, the crime index and interviewed people about the local area. While walking through the streets, students soaked up the culture of the city. They encountered many unique shops, restaurants, and cafes that were specific to the area.

Additionally, they observed the diverse population of the city, as they saw people from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Overall, the field trip was a valuable learning experience. The students were able to see first-hand the various aspects of urban life and gain a better understanding of how cities function. They also had the opportunity to apply the concepts they learned in class to real-world situations.