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World Mental Health Day

To mark World Mental Health Day on Tuesday 10th October, Rosedale College welcomed Theatre for Life - a Theatre in Education Company from Southampton who brought to our stage the production of Silent Mind, which explores Mental Health issues and gives ideas for coping strategies. Watching the play was a positive and inclusive experience for our young people, as an interactive piece of theatre it actively involved students in wellbeing and mindfulness techniques to help promote personal growth and wellbeing. This is an authentic piece of theatre based on real life experiences of mental health, carefully communicating various issues impacting young people today. The audiences actively participate in therapeutic drama based activities within the play and workshop to personal growth and wellbeing. Also, a week of assemblies were held on Mental Health Matters. Students were informed about how to seek help if needed and were reminded of the counselling and mentoring services they can access at here at college, as well as the lunchtime talking therapy we provide. At Rosedale we care about Mental Health Wellbeing for all students and staff.