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The French Spelling Bee Final

This term all our Year 7 students in French have been pre- paring enthusiastically for their class French spelling bee competition. All our students needed to learn 50 words and more importantly spell and pronounce them from memory using the French alphabet.

The competition was fierce and the students selected for the semi-finals were all keen and competent linguists.

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the French spelling bee this half term was Ahsab Huthaiba in 7M. He was able to spell from memory 19 words in one minute.

We also need to congratulate for following students, Arshia Anjum 7L, Avleen Hothi 7M, Amreen Kohar 7L, and Kayden Bryan 7L who followed closely behind with 18-14 words spelt in one minute. We very much look forward to witnessing the next final at the end of the Spring term.