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Science Trip to ZSL London Zoo

As part of the Science Alliance Week of activities, the Year 8 students visited the ZSL London Zoo on Tuesday June 27th which saw EALH attending and Thursday June 29th saw STMP attending. The students visited several habitats to observe various animals in action. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as this was their first time seeing some of these animals in real life. Some of these habitats included: the Tiger Territory where the tiger was seen relaxing on the upper limb of a tree; the Gorilla Kingdom where several gorillas were observed swinging from branch to branch; the Butterfly Paradise where the rare Scarlet Mormon was seen along with several unique butterflies. The section called, ‘In with the Monkeys’ had the students amazed as the monkeys were being their cheeky selves, playing with each other and mimicking the students’ actions. In the farm yard, two gigantic camels were seen chewing and flaunting their long lashes, students were curious about how the camels were able to survive in the UK as it is predominately cold, which provided the platform for a wonderful discussion about adaptations and they know that camels are adapted for survival in the dessert. On Penguin beach, the penguins were picture perfect as they walked to meet us and posed for their photos to be taken. Overall, the students were grateful for the opportunity to visit the Zoo as they were able to enjoy learning Science without the constraints of a classroom.