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Friday 14th July 2023 saw a return to the Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust’s Year 11 Prom at the Q Vardis Mallard Suite in Uxbridge. The students dazzled us all with their glitz and glamour, and made memories to last a lifetime. With the ‘On the Red Carpet’ theme, our students arrived in style, dressed to impress, won academy awards and were celebrities for the night. From the grand entrances, to the sequins, sparkle, the suits and ties, the students made the 2023 Prom, a Prom to remember. Each student received VIP treatment: the paparazzi took their pictures upon arrival as they got out of their luxury cars, they were ushered to the red carpet where the lights continued to flash and then, the fun began inside, where the dancefloor and the 360 photobooth awaited them. In the midst of the enjoyment, the Prom Kings, Queens and Jokers were crowned and adorned with the sashes, and, new for this year, the Academy Award winners were given their trophies for the Kindness Award, the Brains of the Year Award and the Best Footballer award, amongst many others. On this special night, we celebrated the coming together of students from all four secondary colleges. Prom was a reminder that as a Trust, we have strong community ties and when we unite, it feels like a family reunion. This cohort celebrated each other’s wins like each were their own, and it was a night that far exceeded expectations.

The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust would like to personally thank all of the staff and families who made this event possible, alongside showing gratitude to Nick and all the team at Q Vardis, for allowing the Trust to put on yet another epic prom night. We are already looking forward to 2024!