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Post 16 Wellbeing Trip

On Monday 18th December 2023, 90 of our current Post 16 students from both Years 12 and 13 engaged in Wellbeing Day, which aimed to both encourage and boost the physical, mental and social health of our cohort of students at the end of their autumn term. This involved the physical activities of indoor ice-skating and bowling at Queen’s London Skate, Dine, Bowl. The morning activities of ice-skating and bowling appeared to be a wholesome experience as it afforded the students with exposure to and experience in alternate forms of physical exercise and leisure activity. All students enthusiastically and proactively took part in both activities despite a majority of the cohort being new and inexperienced.

Alongside promoting physical health, these activities boosted the social health and wellbeing of the cohort working as a bonding experience for familiar and unfamiliar peers and between both Year 12s and Year 13s.