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National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day is an annual UK-wide celebration of poetry. This year’s celebration took place on Thursday 5th October 2023. During the day, students at Rosedale College got to hear from their form tutors and teachers who shared with them stories and readings of their favourite poems. Year 7s got to take part in a competition in which they had to find out as many staff members’ favourite poems as possible, and an interesting fact or two about the writer or the poem itself. There was also an inter-Alliance Poetry quiz for our new Year 7 tutor groups. Of course, our students also got a change to write their own poems too, with students getting the opportunity to create personal haiku poems about themselves in tutor times, and haiku poems to present new learning in their various lessons. Congratulations to Sachdeep in 7T who won the English Alliance Chaucer Challenge as part of the Year 6 to 7 transition.