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Diversity Org Visit

On Friday 13th January, Diversity Org came to Rosedale College to speak to our students about their future career options. Diversity Org is a global non-profit organisation with the aim and purpose of providing networking opportunities for students who may be disenfranchised in their prospects, giving them access to information about corporate, high-income careers. Diversity Org act as a mediator between minority underrepresented students and multi-billion-dollar companies in 3 distinct ways:

1 - Assemblies - to teach how to obtain high-income jobs and fulfilling careers.

2 - Workshops - to teach students social and professional development.

3 - Apprenticeships - to connect students with corporate partners as interns, apprentices, and entry-level employees.

The Diversity Org are currently in partnership with the following companies:

• Warner Media (HBO, CNN, Cartoon Network, DC Comics)

• Versace

• Michael Kors

• Jimmy Choo

• JPMorgan Chase (Chase Bank)

• Verizon

• Blackstone

• Viacom (MTV, BET, VH1, Paramount Pictures)

• Peloton and more