Alliance Challenge

Our annual Alliance Challenge programme will commence on Monday 12th July, culminating on Friday 16th July. The Alliance Challenge programme is designed to develop students’ skills in a number of disciplines. This year, students will work together in Alliance teams on a range of daily and extended projects: activities, which require them to problem solve; creative production and activities, which will enhance their literacy and numeracy. In addition, we will be incorporating an extensive sporting program in an attempt to promote healthy living and mental well-being.

We request students to be sent to College in only their full College Physical Education (PE) Kit on the days specified to them. There will be no extracurricular clubs during this week.

During the Alliance Challenge programme, the College will have an early staggered finish all week, from 3:15pm for all students in Key Stage 3, and from 3:25pm for all students in Key Stage 4.

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