Post 16 Achievement Assembly 21/06/21

On Thursday 20th May, Post 16 held their first and last Achievement Assembly of the year. The event was highly anticipated by students and their teachers alike. Since the Post 16 cohort constitutes a sanitary bubble, the event was allowed to take place on site, which brought back warm memories of previous Achievement Assemblies and a semblance of deja-vu for our students. It was the Year 12 students’ first time attending this special ceremony and the Year 13 students’ final assembly, which is always a bitter-sweet moment as teachers use this assembly to share words of wisdom and advice to the leavers.

Achievement Assemblies are a biyearly gathering intended to celebrate the achievements and attainments of the Post 16 cohort. Certificates and words of encouragement were given out by the Principals, Directors and subject leaders across The Trust who gathered together at the Rosedale College main hall. The looks of anticipation, surprise and pride could be observed on the faces of our students during the ceremony. The nominated students walked – some excitedly, some nervously - up to the stage to collect their certificates. Unfortunately, this year, no handshakes were allowed due to sanitary protocols but the warmth emanating was enough.

This year, along with the certificates and happy laughter of the students, the attendees of the Achievement Assembly also enjoyed delicious cakes throughout the ceremony. Students enjoyed catching up with their classmates and the peaceful atmosphere was only interrupted at intervals by rounds of applause as nominated students walked over to the stage to collect their awards.

Overall, the Achievement Assembly was a successful event that brought back memories of a world before the pandemic. We cannot wait to celebrate more successes with our students in the near future.

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