Read to Grow in English 1/06/21

Have you ever thought about partaking in a rich, diverse and cultural experience thousands of miles away or travelling to the past to meet Shakespeare or Orwell, or even surviving a zombie apocalypse? Impossible, right? Well, what if you could do all of this within a month; not 200 years into the future, but THIS month. Still impossible, right? On the contrary, the impossible has always been a reality with a simple turn of a page and the right book. Such is the ‘Read to Grow’ programme in English at Rosedale College, which promises an enriching and immersive learning experience that plunges the enthusiastic and bright-eyed learners into a world where characters fight for freedom and confront their greatest fears. 

Every Thursday, for thirty minutes, their eyes light up with the prospect of traversing cultures, breaking down borders, travelling light years into the future and back again - ‘to infinity and beyond’. Reminiscent of a blockbuster movie, we are cast into the harrowing pits of war, and by the same token are exposed to the wonders of the world and its promises that sparkle like a rare gem. The ‘Read to Grow’ captivates students by encompassing a fusion of visual and aural elements, with a cinematic approach that tantalises the five senses, evoking an array of emotions on this journey of self-discovery. Through this approach, the fundamentals of reading and writing are enhanced and a love for English is fostered, thus highlighting it as a staple in the College’s literacy ambitions.

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