Summer Term in Technology and Information Technology 24/05/21

It did not take long after returning to actual lessons, for our Year 7 students to get back to their previous habits of applying an excellent attitude and participating fully in their Technology and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) lessons. Students in ICT have been working on producing and interrogating databases and have now started programming using “Scratch”. The level of work they are producing has been absolutely excellent and they deserve to be commended for their efforts.

Students have been as enthusiastic as ever in their Food Technology classes. Their culinary skills have been absolutely amazing and the range of healthy foods they have produced has been astonishing for students of their age! Food Technology is very popular with all students and they have really excelled themselves in their attitude and positivity, which shows in the quality of the work they produce. 

The students have also been working extremely well in their Technology classes, where they have been working on night lights and pen holders. They enjoy practical technology work and have been generating some amazing designs which they have then produced using a range of tools to a very good standard. We certainly have potential future Engineers in Key Stage 3 (KS3) who could do very well if they choose this as a career path!

The Alliance continues to strive to ensure students enjoy their education and learn as many relevant skills as possible across all the subjects which will stand them in good stead for their future careers and lives. We are pleased to be able to say that they have been amazing in all their classes and are making very good progress. Well done Year 7!

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