Trial Examinations 1/04/21

The progress and attainment of our students at Rosedale College is of paramount importance. As such, we use a range of assessment methods to ensure that our students are on track to enable them to work towards, or to exceed their target grades.

Trial examinations commenced for Year 11 and Post 16 students from the week beginning Monday 22nd March. They were practised under examination conditions, as this is a great opportunity for students to both decipher and practise different examination techniques to find out what works best for them. Our Trial examinations are used to measure how well the students have grasped the concepts they have been taught and are used by teachers to reflect on their pedagogical skills, as well as their methodology to impart knowledge to students in lessons. More importantly, they are used to allow the students to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses. 

Trial examinations lead into our Easter break, as students who require additional intervention are invited to attend our bespoke Easter intervention programme. Rosedale College students are keen to attend this intervention as they are keen to excel academically, and thus have set high standards for their own attainment.

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