Red Nose Day Running Event 26/03/21

Post 16 students at Rosedale College planned a running event to raise money for Comic Relief during the week commencing Monday 15th March.  The students intentions as a cohort were to collectively complete an astonishing two hundred and fifty laps of the 200m running track at Rosedale College during break and lunchtimes, with the expectation of reaching the target on Comic Relief Day on Friday 19th March. 

The challenge did not get off to a good start. Due to bad weather, students were unable to run on Monday, and following this initial disappointment, they were also unable to run at break time on Tuesday.  However, after being given the green light at lunchtime on Tuesday, students chaotically gathered to complete thirty three laps, which was only the beginning of something truly special.  The students’ hunch proved true as on Wednesday, despite the horrible weather, twenty two students united together to complete a whopping one hundred and eighty eight laps between them that day alone!

The following day, students completed another one hundred and thirty three laps with the support of some new and old faces to the track. We are proud to announce that by Thursday, one day earlier than expected, the Post 16 students had completely smashed the two hundred and fifty lap challenge, completing three hundred and sixty laps in total!  What an achievement!  Yet, being the cohort that they are, they sought to further bettering this colossal accolade, then striving to complete five hundred laps in total by the end of Comic Relief week.  Would they be able to do it?  As many students were revising for their upcoming examinations, the students had only achieved fifty one laps by the end of break time on Friday, meaning they had a huge eighty nine laps to be done at lunchtime alone! With this difficult task becoming far more strenuous as a result of the low turnout in the morning, the cohort sought to encourage as many of their peers to partake during lunchtime, and their desperate calls were heard as three members of staff also came to the rescue! The students reported that this was the highlight of the event, with Miss Patel, Miss Faure and Mr Butler taking step on to the running track!

The sun was beaming down upon them and everyone naturally begun to feel the fatigue from the hundreds of laps previously ran throughout the week, but yet again, the cohort valiantly united, personifying the very essence of what it means to be a unified cohort, as new students came to give that sense of re-energisation that was so much needed.  This proved extremely pivotal, as this feeling of new life that had been injected into the track resulted in there being only one lap left to be completed in the dying moments of the event! Without a shadow of a doubt, the students not only achieved the two hundred and fifty lap target, but also emphatically doubled the target, as the cohort tremendously completed five hundred laps exactly in the last few minutes of lunchtime on Friday. 

Students said the challenge was an absolute roller coaster of emotions, filled with moments of highs, lows and most importantly, laughter. A gigantic well deserved round of applause for all those who took part, as quite literally, every lap counted in the end!

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