British Science Week 22/03/21

British Science week is a ten day celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that took place between Friday 5th and Sunday 14th March. The theme for the week was ‘Innovating for the future’ and was planned around the basis that students would be carrying out the activities at home. Thankfully, lockdown restrictions had been eased for schools, enabling our Science Alliance at Rosedale College to initiate exhilarating Science week activities with Rosedale Primary School. Our activities started on Monday 15th March, and will continue through this term for different groups from Nursery to the secondary phase.

Rosedale Primary’s Year 6 pupils were invited to the Science laboratories to carry out a myriad of experiments while observing strict coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols outlined by the
government to ensure the safety of everyone involved. The theme of the experiments was ‘Colours in Science’ which linked the real life application of Science to theories while having fun. The
pupils carried out a total of four exciting experiments. In the first experiment, pupils carried out the Chromatography of coloured markers which is a widely used scientific technique in Forensic Science. This was followed by an activity called ‘Rainbow Trout’ which highlighted the principles of acid base reactions. Pupils were then guided through a colour flame test activity which is used to identify different metals. The day culminated with pupils making their own ‘rainbow’, using the principle of refraction and
a glass prism. 

Overall, it was a successful launch of the Science week activities and it has set the basis for the other activities planned through the course of the week and the term.

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