Alliance Challenge 8/03/21

On Friday 12th February, Rosedale College embarked on an Alliance Challenge, which saw them celebrate their sporting and artistic talents, promote mental wellbeing and shine as local pillars of their community. Staff and students embraced the array of challenges wholeheartedly and thus produced some phenomenal entries. Emotional videos that compelled viewers to cry a tear or two, mouth-watering baked goods that demanded to be eaten and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) games that challenged even the brightest of minds were submitted.

Extensive thought, continued commitment and tremendous talent were visible in each and every entry. Students worked independently, and in pairs to produce some fabulous outcomes; entries were of such a high quality that all tasks required lengthy discussions before winners could be announced.

Huge congratulations to the L Alliance who won this year’s first Alliance Challenge – they combatted some extremely tough competition to attain this highly desirable top spot; everyone is looking forward to round two this summer!

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