We Are All in This Together 25/01/21

During the week commencing Monday 11th January, assemblies at Rosedale College were based on motivation, and at an uncertain time like lockdown, we need motivation now more than ever! Students have been thinking about what motivates them and how they can stay motivated during challenging times. Lockdown is difficult for everyone and remote learning can be incredibly tough for some students, being confined to one space, sharing devices with others, and not having the company of friends during lessons. The motivation assemblies have given students tips on how to stay motivated, with suggestions such as setting a routine, taking a break from screen time, eating a healthy and balanced diet and encouraging everyone to get some fresh air at least once a day. It is so important to take the time to do the things you enjoy, like reading, cooking, baking, playing a computer game, or kicking a ball... taking a little time for yourself will certainly help keep you motivated! Spending time with family at home, speaking to a friend on the phone, messaging your teachers on Teams - however motivated or un-motivated you feel – we are here, we are all in this together!

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