BTEC Examinations 18/01/21

Post 16 students who are studying vocational subjects have been sitting their examinations this week; their determination to succeed despite the obstacles that are coming their way, is a true testament to not only their character, but also staff motivation. As a college, we are very proud of their commitment, and admire their tenacity. Their revision has not faltered, which we are certain will result in some tremendous outcomes.

We can proudly inform our college community that virtual engagement across the board has been on an all-time high; excellent quality lessons are being delivered, which is motivating students to actively engage. Our students have not only remained inquisitive, but have also become creative, which is certainly praiseworthy in this climate.

We want to thank all parents, guardians and carers who are supporting the College to ensure students remain focused; we are positive this collective effort will result in all students making progress. Finally, thank you to all the teachers who are not only teaching out of their comfort zone, but also having to perfect a whole new medium of teaching - your efforts are truly inspiring, and thanks to your passion and drive, our students will continue to excel.

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