Celebrating Victory at the End of 2020 11/01/21

As we started last term, all aspects in Physical Education (PE) seemed like a hurdle with a maze of challenges to navigate through for both staff and students alike. Yet, here we are at the beginning of 2021, having made prominent progress, established concrete values and with several commendable successes under our belts! We are proud to announce that at the end of term, Rosedale College had nearly every student arriving to lesson in perfect PE kit, and over eight hundred students participated in cross country, running over 2,000km, which is like running from Rosedale College to Marrakech! We have received a multitude of entries for the sports council; some excellent Post 16 BTEC work was submitted and Key Stage 3 students experienced phenomenal success in the sports hall athletics, with Year 7 girls and Year 8 boys coming in second place, and Year 7 boys and Year 8 girls finishing in third place across the borough. Well done to all students, we are extrememly proud of you!

In these unprecedented times, looking forward and finding the positives and motivations that allow you to be the best you can will let you overcome any challenges you may face in 2021! In the words of Picabo Street (Skiing); “To uncover your true potential, first find your own limits, then have the courage to blow past them.”

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