Student Council Reveal... 18/12/20

It is that time of the year when Rosedale College takes to the polls in electing their Student Council President from Year 11, and Vice President from Year 10. Well done to all our student candidates who have been campaigning extremely hard over the past four weeks to pledge and gain votes from their fellow classmates. Your strategies have been applaudable, your promises have been heard, and the virtual voting has finally come to an end! 

Niya Reid was unanimously elected as Vice President of the Rosedale College Student Council, with over 66% of the total votes. Niya has said “I am humble yet excited about my new role as Vice President. I wish to thank all those who voted for me and even those who supported my challengers. I will now work to fulfil the promises made in my manifesto and make my college the best it can be”. Well done Niya. 

After five days of voting, the top two candidates for President, Harvey Harrison and Aaryaman Pandya are locked in a ‘dead heat’ and there is no clear winner. The Student Council group are therefore in the process of deciding how to solve this interesting but unusual situation, and the conclusion will be announced over the next couple of days. Good luck to Harvey and Aaryaman as the battle continues!

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