Let Your Voices Be Heard! 14/12/20

It is that time of the year when Rosedale College takes to the polls in electing their Student Council President from Year 11, and Vice President from Year 10. The student candidates have been campaigning over the past four weeks with the use of videos, posters and other creative strategies.

Year 11 presidential candidates have been making numerous promises and pledging to fellow students to guarantee to make Rosedale College the best it can possibly be! There are a wide range of promises including, but not limited to making the Collegemore sustainable, repairing vending machines, tackling any issues such as bullying, increasing break, play and lunch times and engaging stakeholders such as teachers, parents, guardians and carers, and governors.

The vice presidential candidates from Year 10 have also been working hard to pledge, and in their manifesto, their assurances include: installing water coolers, more sports for girls, a non-school uniform day, a cultural day for all, prayer rooms for those who wish to pray, more school trips, an improvement and variety in foods, and lockers for storage.

The voting will be done virtually this year, where students will be sent a link to vote, which will last for five consecutive days. Well done to all candidates for the hard work and determination in your pledges. We wish all the candidates the best of luck!

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