Post 16 Trip to Capgemini 18/11/19

On Tuesday 15th October, an enthusiastic cohort of seven Post 16 students attended an exclusive day at the Capgemini HQ in Central London. The Trust’s good relations with Young Professionals has facilitated this incredible opportunity for our students who are considering taking the apprenticeship route after their final year here. The event was one of a kind as the students had the unique chance to be fast-tracked through the apprenticeship process. Considering the highly competitive nature of apprenticeships, this is an incredible opportunity for our selected students to get a head start. The day integrated informative sessions with Capgemini apprentices with small tasks with other pupils, including a presentation. The feedback from the attendees has been extremely satisfactory: “The trip to Capgemini was very informative and has enabled me to skip the entire application process which means that getting an apprenticeship with them will be easier than ever.” “The workshop today at Capgemini was eye opening and really enjoyable. I definitely feel very gravitated towards doing an apprenticeship at Capgemini. The staff were wonderful and I hope to work beside them one day.”

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