Geography Field Trip 11/11/19

On Friday 20th September, sixty-six students and four teachers journeyed to Epping Forest, Essex to conduct a river investigation based on the GCSE Geography specification. At approximately 8:00am, we set out by coach and navigated the M40 and M25 for an hour until we arrived at our destination, an ancient woodland nestled in the rural-urban fringe. The first session of the day was based in classrooms where the students received secondary information about Loughton Brook. This information focused on the drainage and flood characteristics of the catchment area. Armed with this data, the students then trekked to session two, where they collected primary data at the river and compared it to the secondary data they received as well as to the Bradshaw Model. Dressed in jeans and wellington boots, the students measured and examined the long and cross profile of the river’s channel while conducting a flood risk exercise at the upper, middle and lower courses. The students then returned to the classrooms where they completed their worksheets and received the opportunity to ask questions to clear up misconceptions. Students then cleaned up the work area, saddled up on the coach and rode to the comforting arms of Rosedale College where we arrived back just after 4:00pm. An educational, yet fun filled day had by all.

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