National Poetry Day 14/10/19

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Thursday 3rd October may have been a regular day for some but here at Rosedale College, this Thursday was a celebration of rhyme, rhythm, syllables and sounds through words, in honour of National Poetry Day. With a collapsed timetable in English, our students transformed into powerful young bards; many writing about ‘Truth’ - the selected theme for the annual occasion for 2019. Year 7 linked their ‘truths’ to their novel of study in class, The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier; Year 8 explored the ‘truth’ in our local literary legend, George Orwell’s Animal Farm, while Key Stage 4 had the pleasure of becoming well versed with the rich ‘truths’ poets from the anthology, Power and Conflict, share.  However, for now, let’s enjoy the ‘truth’ our students have to share... 

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