Summer School Soiree 13/09/21

During the week commencing Monday 9th August, 80 Year 7 students joined Rosedale College for a sensational Summer School. It was a jam-packed week; students showcased their literary and Information Technology (IT) talents by producing a masterful magazine. In Engineering, students worked with remote control cars and raced them around the outdoor track! There was a glorious smell wafting from the food rooms during the week where delicious cakes were baked. Marvellous mathematicians and serious scientists were able to showcase their skills during the workshops. Everyone had a brilliant day at Birdworld where we managed to get up close to the wildlife. The week was rounded off with a celebration barbecue, and a fete led and managed by the students themselves. The stalls included: ring toss, beat the goalie, basketball hoop, treasure map, tin-can alley, guess the number of sweets in the jar and many more. 

Additionally, students in Years 9 and 11 also participated in Summer School to join us for exciting sessions in English, Mathematics and Science to ensure that they are fully prepared for the year ahead.

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