Post 16 Football Tournament 5/07/21

On Thursday 17th June, the long-awaited and highly anticipated Post 16 Football Tournament took place. The tournament has been the talk of the past several weeks among the Post 16 cohort with sixty students signing up to take part in the competition. A total of eight teams with eight captains were then formed. In order to preserve the fairness of the tournament, participants were randomly allocated to a captain via an online generator.

In the week leading up to the tournament, various teams were seen discreetly planning and organising their formations while eyeing up their competition. Friendly bets were exchanged and tactics were put in place.

Finally, day one of the tournament arrived and while concerns of rain disrupting the game were on everyone’s mind, the weather was clement on the first day. The stage group games started with three spectacular games and continued in the afternoon with another three tightly-disputed games. The ambiance on day one was friendly, competitive and ruthless – with each team fighting to qualify for the semi-finals. By the end of Thursday, the four teams with the most points from the stage group games qualified for the second stage and had the opportunity to remain in the tournament for another day.

Friday 18th June 2021 meant so much to a lot of people; not only was it the second and long awaited final day of the tournament but it was also the last day of college for the Year 13 students. Despite the difficult weather conditions, both players and supporters came out and delivered a fantastic show. Fantastic goals were scored, fast dribbles and great saves from the goalkeepers; the students really showed the extent of their football skills in this tournament.

With the semi-final games over, we finally had our two finalist teams: Captain Dilawar (Year 13) and his team against Captain Mohammed (Year 12) and his team. Both teams would be competing in the final of the tournament. Thankfully, the rain had cleared by the afternoon, and refereed by Mrs Littlefair, both teams – cheered on by the rest of the cohort - displayed a fierce spirit of competitiveness in their final game.

After a relentless game and a score of 3 – 0, we had our tournament champions: Captain Mohammed and his team won the Final. Well done to our champions, and all Post 16 students who participated. This was a truly emotional way to end the year for our amazing Year 13 cohort! You will all be missed!

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