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We are proud of our team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to support us in achieving our goals. 

The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust as sponsor, is responsible for a number of schools and colleges, including Rosedale College.  As part of its remit, The Trust continues to drive up standards, being fully committed to the further development of its provision for its stakeholders. The Rosedale College Local Advisory (Governing) Body (LAB) is therefore required to meet formally each term before reporting to the Academy Board as part of Governance Day, involving the Members and Directors.

The LAB consists of community (co-opted) members, parents, guardians, carers and staff. The skills set, expertise and commitment of each individual are fundamental, as the LAB is critical to the work of Rosedale College and overall governance arrangements of The Trust. Accordingly, the Rosedale College LAB is made up as follows:

Hina Kapadia, Principal

Sarah Driscoll - Chief Officer - Standards

Heidi Faure, Chief Officer - Operations

Debbie Smith, Community

Sabrina Ghenaiet, Parent (Chair)

Maria Verity, Parent


Hina Kapadia

Hina Kapadia gained a wealth of leadership experience whilst working overseas, before returning to the UK as College Principal in September 2018.  As a former Vice Principal at Rosedale, Hina Kapadia is well rehearsed with the duties and responsibilities associated with high standards of teaching and learning at the College. Indeed, as a former Professional Tutor and teacher of English Language and Literature, she leads by example, and has great ambition for all of the students in her care. 

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Heidi Faure

Heidi Faure is an accomplished leader with a proven track record of success.  As a former Mathematics Teacher and Special Educational Needs Coordinator with a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Management, Heidi quickly moved into the role of Vice Principal at Rosedale, before being appointed as College Principal in January 2013.  As an advocate of clear targets and monitoring of progress, Heidi and the leadership team have continually secured fantastic outcomes for the students. As a former governor of a local primary school, she has an absolute understanding of the needs of the community and is resolute that the students should fulfil their potential. 

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Sarah Driscoll

Sarah Driscoll has vast experience in educational leadership in both the primary and secondary phase, as well as Studio Colleges and UTCs.  Starting her career as an English teacher, Sarah has worked in various leadership positions previously, as Principal, School Adviser and School Inspector. She is passionate about maximising opportunities within The Trust for cross-collaborative working and ensuring all children are supported to reach their potential from the moment they arrive in Nursery through to Post 16.  Indeed, as Chief Officer – Standards, she is committed to ensuring that all stakeholders are well placed to maximise their potential.

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Debbie Smith

Debra Smith has been associated with The Trust in various capacities since September 2008. Her experience together with an MA in Integrated Provision for Children and Families, makes her well placed to discharge her role as Director of Early Years and Family Services.  With day nursery management experience and strategic lead at a local primary school where she set up stand-alone, self-financing pre-school provision, Debbie has been active in the local community, championing the cause of families bringing up children in challenging circumstances.  As a governor, she continues to be a great advocate for high quality Early Years provision. 

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Sabrina Ghenaiet

As a parent of five children, three of whom are at school at the Rosedale campus, Sabrina Ghenaiet is familiar with the day-to-day routines of the College. Having been a parent governor at another local primary school and secretary for the Parent Teacher Association, she has helped with fund-raising and other events for a number of years.  With a good business background, Mrs Ghenaiet is keen to contribute to the LAB in order to benefit the students and their families. 

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Maria Verity

As a parent of three children associated with Rosedale College, Maria Verity is keen to join the LAB to share ideas and information from a parental perspective, whilst offering the necessary challenge and support on behalf of stakeholders.  Living in the locality for many years, Maria is familiar with the routines of the College and understands the school system.  She also has direct knowledge and experience in terms of public examinations leading to an apprenticeship scheme.

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