Relationships, Sex and Health Education

A good understanding of students’ faith backgrounds and positive relationships between the school and local faith communities help to create a constructive context for the teaching of these subjects, and we are always keen to engage with any parents, guardians or carers who have questions or concerns. 
In accordance with the DfE statutory guidance, and the national curriculum, the school must provide relationships, sex and health education. In all schools, teaching should reflect the law, including the Equality Act 2010, as it applies to relationships, so that young people clearly understand what the law allows and does not allow, and the wider legal implications of decisions they may make. 
An understanding for all students of healthy relationships, acceptable behaviour and the right of everyone to equal treatment will help ensure that students treat each other well and go on to be respectful and kind adults.

Thank you for your feedback on the curriculum, and the wider policy

The consultation for the proposed Relationships, Sex and Health Education policy ran from March 2020. If you did not have the opportunity to submit your feedback or ask any questions, please contact your child's Principal.
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Relationships, Sex and Health Education Policy

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