Year 11 GCSE Public Examinations

The timetable of GCSE public examinations for all Year 11 students has now been published and will commence on Monday 13th May.We are aware that the end of Ramadan falls around June, which means that Eid celebrations will take place immediately after. During this time, we kindly remind families who observe this practice, to ensure that students continue to eat and drink normally, to help them to stay fit and healthy during this important time. Please note that it will not be possible to sit any of the public examinations at another time. It is of vital importance that each Year 11 student presents at college fully prepared for each examination he/she is entered for and to arrive at least 10 minutes before the examination is scheduled to commence. Students are required to attend all examinations in full college uniform and with the required equipment. For Science and Mathematics examinations they must have a calculator, ruler, pencil and a geometry set. Students must also bring a black biro to each examination. The use of mobile telephones and other electronic devices are NOT PERMITTED in the examination hall. Therefore it is requested that students do not bring these items to college when they have an examination. If students do need to have any such devices with them they must hand them to the invigilation staff at the start of each examination.Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the examination. Students must attend the examination(s) for which they have been entered for. In the event of illness or an emergency situation that prevents your child attending or means your child will be late, please make contact with the college as soon as possible so that appropriate advice can be given and arrangements put in place. Please note that your child’s final examination grade will be adversely affected if he/she fails to attend a scheduled examination.

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