Post 16 Virtual Work Experience 19/10/20

Six students from the Post 16 cohort have secured a week-long virtual work experience over the October half term. The students have been selected to take part in work experience with renowned companies in Engineering, Technology and Business. From Friday 23rd October to Thursday 29th October, three students will be introduced to Skanska which is a leading international construction and infrastructure company spearheading the Crossrail and the Network Rail construction and maintenance. They will be learning through virtual tasks and activities about the ethics and best practice in the construction industry and how to get into it. They will have the opportunity to spend a week learning all about different routes into the industry, the stages of the Crossrail construction and how Skanska supports social sustainability. Students will learn how this is all incorporated into the construction industry and what specific challenges the experts face in different scale projects and how they tackle them. Another student will be spending his half term week working with Cisco’s technology and Information Technology (IT) professionals. The virtual work week will be focusing on improving students’ employability skills with one-to-one speed interviews and will equip students with the teamwork and confidence skills necessary to integrate a company like Cisco in the future. Students will have presentations from Cisco employees ranging from apprentices to senior executives which will provide them with a holistic picture of how the IT and technology professional field works. There will also be demonstrations of the company’s leading-edge technology. Last but not least, our sixth student has secured his work experience week with Britain’s biggest retailer and the world’s biggest online food retailer: Tesco. Students will understand how all the different business areas at Tesco work together to make ‘every little help’ for the customers. They will learn about the wide variety of roles in Tesco and will have the opportunity to ask questions to market experts and business professionals. Students will take part in workshops throughout the week that aim to enhance time management and presentation skills.

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