Physical Education Through Challenging Times 9/10/20

This half term has proved to be a challenging one, ensuring that Physical Education (PE) lessons followed the recommended government guidelines referring to safety, whilst creating fun and interesting lessons for students. Students were enthusiastic and motivated on their return to college whilst maintaining their upmost safety by sanitising their hands and helping with the cleaning of equipment. Fitness testing proved to push students out of their comfort zones and there were some impressive results across all year groups, highlighting Rosedale’s promising young athletes! The glorious weather gave us the opportunity to revisit those summer sports that were missed out on, from cricket to rounders and athletics. We look forward to starting clubs again as well as participating in leagues, which should begin when government guidelines direct accordingly. In the meantime, we are pleased to be competing in the virtual London Youth Games in Athletics and Cross Country challenges, which we have been preparing for throughout PE lessons. We would like to praise the students on their admirable kit, which ensures we are representing the College in the most positive light. We now have all year groups arriving in PE kit with a blazer, giving us more time to be active!

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