Rosedale College Students Showcase the Technology Department 2/10/20

Students have been showcasing their skills at the start of the new academic year in Technology, which will help inform parents, guardians and carers of the range of activities their child would potentially experience at Rosedale College. Year 8 students are working on remote control vehicles, which form part of Engineering. Students will attempt to improve the performance of the vehicles and consider the importance of aerodynamics in the efficiency of vehicles. Year 10 students are working hard in Food Technology, proudly demonstrating their amazing culinary skills in a mock café event. This is an event the students put on once or twice a year, which has proved exceptionally popular with both students and families, who are invited to join us at the event. Technology & Information and Communications Technology (ICT) consider themselves privileged to be able to offer a range of exciting and innovative activities using some of the very best in the latest technology. The ICT Alliance has brand new, very high specification computers and the Technology Alliance has a brand new laser cutter with access to industry standard Computer Numerical Control (CNC) lathes and 3D printers. It is not surprising that students love their learning in Technology and ICT at Rosedale College.

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