La Rentrée 28/09/20

This term heralds the start of a new educational journey for our new Year 7 students at Rosedale College. September welcomes a fresh start in all aspects of their learning and especially so for their language learning. Most students are introduced to a foreign language in Key Stage 2 but the fun really starts in Year 7! Students have French every day in Year 7 thus ensuring regular exposure to the new language. In our lessons, students have the opportunity, not only to learn a new language, but also to understand and explore other cultures. Active learning is a key aspect in the delivery of French across the curriculum here at Rosedale College but it is a necessary ingredient in Year 7. Lessons are structured to ensure that grammar is practical, fun and interactive, and the daily language diet ensures our language learning can be dynamic and stimulating. Students are able to learn in an environment which encourages regular practice, engaging activities and promotes the marriage of fun, engaging learning with optimum progress.

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