Virtual Alliance Challenge 17/07/20

2020 has definitely been a unique year globally; however, even uncertainty and apprehension could not hold the College back in its desire to come together to celebrate the power of Alliance unity and might. All eight Alliances have worked diligently to secure maximum points.

Students continued to excel at every stage of the challenge; the consistently high quality of entries demonstrated that giving up was never an option. They took eye-catching pictures, made beautifully decorated biscuits and invented brand new board games to secure their wins. As the tasks got more difficult, their entries became more awe-inspiring.

Staff and students collaborated to ensure the best Alliance won each task. Creativity and originality have been given a whole new meaning this year and all directors have enjoyed basking in the successes of their teams. Support and commitment from home towards the cause has certainly not gone amiss.
In 3rd place came the English Alliance; in 2nd place was the Technology Alliance; but this year’s winner is the Mathematics Alliance. Congratulations to all students who participated!

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