World Book Day 16/03/20

On Thursday 5th March, Rosedale College celebrated World Book Day in true fairy-tale style. The members of the English Alliance were fantastically transformed into Cruella Deville, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, the Enchanted Mirror, Mary Poppins, Belle, King Midas, Queen Titania and two Little Red Riding Hoods. Throughout the special day, students enjoyed book quizzes, additional library visits and discussions on their favourite books. During lunch, the English Alliance hosted yet another successful book swap, whereby students brought in their books from home in order to exchange it with another of their choice. To see our young people so excited and enthusiastic about reading was truly magical. In a world full of technology and electronics, we can sometimes lose the spark for holding a tangible book in our hands, for feeling the paper and appreciate the printed word and yet this was not the case yesterday. The table of books was devoured and students were swarming like bees to get their hands on new reading material. Some students even requested for Miss Cousins to reserve as much as three books for them, because they simply couldn’t get enough. It was also amazing to see how many books students had already read, including an abundance of texts by Michael Morpurgo, David Walliams and Liz Pichon. Other kind students donated bags of books to the College Library and to the English Alliance. The day was full of community spirit and whimsy, which both staff and students thoroughly enjoyed.

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