Year 7 Rugby Tournament 10/02/20

On Tuesday 28th January, our Year 7 rugby team played in a Borough Rugby Tournament and continued their undefeated run by winning all three of their matches.

The team played Westminster School in their opening game and after conceding a try early on, they quickly recovered and scored another two tries to win 2 – 1 overall. 

Next up was Bishop Ramsey CE School, and after an instant score from our vying Year 7’s, Bishop Ramsey then scored 3 tries to take the lead of 3 - 1. Rosedale scored the next try and with 1 minute left on the clock, the team was still trailing 3 - 2. They then managed to level the score to 3 - 3 with just 5 seconds left of the game, and Bishop Ramsey electing to kick off! Rosedale were now in trouble, because if the ball became dead, that would mean the game ending in a draw! Luck was, however, on our side, as Yaya Balde gathered the ball, and followed by a strong run, scored the winning try, taking the game to a 4 – 3 final result.

The final match was against Haydon School and, again, was a close contest. Rosedale scored first, followed quickly by Haydon. Rosedale later took the lead with 2 – 1, but once again, Haydon drew level. With about 30 seconds to go, Haydon broke the line and headed for our try line, however, a fantastic tackle by our team stopped Haydon just short of our try, and once more, Yaya was there to gather the ball and successfully ran hard to score the winning try and earn himself the Player of the Tournament award.

The Year 7 rugby team has now played 4 tournaments and has won all 12 of their matches. This is an outstanding achievement, and we couldn’t be any prouder of our team. Go Rosedale!

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