Library Exploits: The Thrill of the Week 3/02/20

As students silently queue up outside the Rainbow Centre, the ripple of excitement is palpable! The ear-to-ear grins and rosy expectant faces are a clear indication of how many of them look forward to this moment each week. As the library doors open, they rush in, eyes darting this way and that, taking in the shelves and shelves of books before them; eager faces glaze with anticipation of the mysteries that await unravelling.

A warm welcome from librarian Ms Kiely and a quick review of the rules and guidelines of using the library, means that students are free to wander off in search for their own ‘treasure’ as they journey through the unknown. They spread out, enthusiastically swarming around the bookshelves, delving in and embracing the front covers and blurbs before them – desperately searching for that special one!

Soon enough, students begin to drift to that cosy corner, relaxing on comfortable sofas, quavering to Goosebumps, questing with Percy Jackson and prying into the ‘Diary’ of a certain ‘Dork’. All too soon though, the session is over, but the unmistakable glow on the students’ faces as they head back to class - clutching their prized books of choice close to their hearts - is the tell-tale sign of their delightful library adventure.

Just in case you forgot: Library sessions continue to be the thrill of the week for every Key Stage 3 student of Rosedale College! 

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