Mathematics is Fun! 20/01/20

Year 8 students recently embarked on a Mathematics project of making different objects using Scale Drawing. Students got really creative and came up with different ideas. Students used different mediums like cardboard and board to make models of flat screen televisions, tablets, and even a desk top monitor. One flat screen television was so advanced in its design that a mobile phone could be inserted into it, meaning students could sit back and relax to watch their Mathematics videos. Another model of a television advertised one of the student’s favourite cartoon program, giving this student the chance to integrate her Art skills into her Mathematics project by drawing her favourite characters. 

During the project, students were able to enhance their communication skills, cooperate and be tolerant with each other whilst working as part of a team, share their ideas and assess each other’s work. At the end of the project, students were much more appreciative of the importance of scale drawing in Mathematics and the impact it has on the real world. The project also served as a reinforcement for the concepts covered in scale drawing.

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