Speak Out Challenge - Regional Final 19/12/19

On Wednesday 27th November, armed with his well-prepared and well-practised speech, Year 10 student Harvey Harrison delivered a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring oration on knife crime to the Speak Out Challenge Regional Final crowd at Bishopshalt School, Uxbridge. Harvey chose this topic as it is his passion; fighting for justice and for what is morally right. Harvey wowed the crowd with his sophisticated vocabulary and mature expression, commenting on the “metropolis melting pot” that is London, made rich due to its diversity and multiculturalness. In true Rosedale style, he promoted the true British Values of tolerance and respect for others, citing it as the main reasons why he is so proud to be a Londoner. However, he also explored its darker side and its realities, whereby the young people of today do have to protect themselves against daylight robberies and knife crime. Despite his tender age, Harvey prompted us to look inwards and to change the course of fate; to make attempts at reversing the shocking statistics and to act now before, “like Humpty Dumpty, we can’t put London back together again.” In addition to this, the evening was doubly special for the teachers of Rosedale College, as not only did our very own Harvey perform, but Gia Vaghela, 2018’s runner-up and the famous ‘youngest sibling’, was on the judging panel. 

The Speak Out Challenge is more than a public speaking workshop. For Harvey and the other students who participated, the session lighted a fire that continues to burn bright and that shows no sign of dimming or dulling. It has given our students, past and present, a platform and a voice through which they can project their thoughts, ideas and beliefs. It also enables the students to realise what their teachers knew they always were: confident, talented and opinionated young people who can make a real difference to this world. In this vein, Harvey’s speech was more than just a personal achievement; it was a celebration of the progress he has made as an individual and it was a chance for those closest to him - his family, teachers and peers - to see just what he was made of: courage, integrity and passion. A huge congratulations goes out to Harvey and Miss Sejal Kansara for coaching him through. 

Rosedale College and the English Alliance would like to express their sincere gratitude to Carl and the Speak Out charity for always providing our students with the opportunity to shine. The workshop gives our students the chance to express themselves and to take part in something truly exceptional. Rosedale looks foward to its continued partnership with the team for many years to come. 

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